Managing Script Parameters

FileMaker scripts can be called in various ways – user clicks a button, event triggers a script, script calls another script, etc. Most times* when a script is called, the […]

Meet the Modern FileMaker Platform

FileMaker 18 was released on 23 May 2019. This is in line with the annual release strategy adopted by FileMaker Inc., since version 14 in 2015. So we can probably […]

Isolating a single record

There are many reasons you might need to isolate a single record in a table. This post looks at methods to do this in FileMaker databases, along with pros and […]

API Primer for FileMaker

What is an API and why should you care? APIs are the means by which your FileMaker solution can access all kinds of services and interface with other data stores. […]

When spreadsheets don’t work

For many people, a spreadsheet is the “go to” tool for quickly storing data for a process or part of the business. It is so simple to open up a […]

Time to Innovate

FileMaker Inc., has positioned FileMaker as a Workplace Innovation Platform.  What is a Platform? FileMaker has long been viewed by developers as a platform rather than a product. In terms […]