The A–Z of FileMaker: B

B is for Boolean A Boolean value is either true or false. A Boolean expression is one that produces a Boolean value when evaluated. FileMaker Pro uses Boolean expressions in a number […]

The A–Z of FileMaker: A

A is for Auto-Enter When using a data field (text, number, date, etc.), you can set field options. The first set of these are for auto-entry of values in the […]

Start with FileMaker Starter Solutions

One of the most common ways to start a new FileMaker database is by using one of the starter solutions. There are two levels of starter solutions available – four […]

Come and learn FileMaker Pro 15

Well it has been a lot of work but enrolments are open for our first FileMaker courses for 2017. These will be the entry level FileMaker Pro 15 classes running in Sydney […]

Hello again!

After an almost seven year hiatus, uLearnIT is back! And we have some exciting things planned. Stay tuned to our web site for updates.