The A-Z of FileMaker: Z is for Undo

And here we are at the end of the A-Z of FileMaker. But undo doesn’t start with Z. Of course, Z is the ubiquitous application keyboard shortcut for the undo command. […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: Y is for Year

Year (date) is one of the family of FileMaker date functions. It does something very simple – it extracts the year out of a given date. Now why would you […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: W is for Window

A window is a device used to display the user interface of an application. When a user opens a FileMaker solution, it will open a new window. Since FileMaker Pro 7, there […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: V is for Variable

A variable is a named location in memory capable of storing a value. Depending on the type, a variable has a limited lifespan and accessibility. In programming, the accessibility of […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: T is for Trigger

A script trigger in a FileMaker solution is set to run a script when a specified event occurs. The first event for any file is when the file opens, or more […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: S is for Self

Self is a function which returns the content of the object to which it is applied. Rather than explicitly naming a field, using the Self function means that an expression […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: R is for Recursion

The trite definition of recursion is “see recursion”. And further, that to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion! According to the online Dictionary of Technical Terms, recursion is: “…a process […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: Q is for Quick Find

Quick Find searches records across multiple fields on a layout. This provides quick and easy searches of a FileMaker table much like Google searches work. This search method will often be […]