We have just scheduled FileMaker training courses in Singapore in March 2019. Our FileMaker courses are hands-on with small class sizes. They put you on the fast track in FileMaker development. If you, or someone you work with or know, would like to become a better FileMaker developer, have a look at the course schedule now.

All courses listed below are currently open and are subject to minimum enrolments before they can be confirmed.

When you enrol, you will pay a holding deposit. This is non-refundable except if the course does not run. In that case, you will be notified and the holding deposit will be refunded in full.  The decision to run the courses will be made by 12 February. If the course is confirmed, you will be asked to enrol using a coupon code which will provide an additional $100 discount.

Get Started with FileMaker Pro

This introductory course is scheduled for 11-12 March 2019 (Tuesday-Wednesday).

Get Started with FileMaker Pro is an introduction to FileMaker Pro and creating custom database solutions. It covers everything from creating a new solution, setting up data structure, customising the appearance, securing and deploying your file and more.

Check the full course outline and book here.

Building Effective FileMaker Solutions

This intermediate course is scheduled for 13-14 March 2019 (Thursday-Friday).

Building Effective FileMaker Solutions is an intermediate course in FileMaker development. We briefly review FileMaker components and then dive into how they really work. The course covers development methods and habits, and a deep look at systems analysis and data structure for better outcomes. Over the two days, we cover many examples of calculations, scripting, security and user interface design. 

Check the full course outline and book here.

FileMaker Scripting in Depth

We are also offering an advanced course in FileMaker scripting, scheduled for 18-19 March 2019 (Monday-Tuesday).

FileMaker Scripting in Depth is an advanced course in FileMaker development. We will cover all aspects of script editing, management and use. The course covers scripting methods using various classes of script steps. Over the two days, we cover many examples of scripting that will be useful in your FileMaker development. 

The full course outline is available here and you can book here.

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