Are you stuck on getting something working in your FileMaker project?
Quite often it is just a little nudge you need to get things going again.
And often you can learn a bit (or a lot) from taking a different approach.

What you need is a mentor – someone with vast experience developing FileMaker solutions, who knows how FileMaker really works, and who can understand the needs and explain the solution in simple terms.

uLearnIT is a registered FBA Trainer with extensive real-world experience and in-depth knowledge of best practices in FileMaker solution development.

Who can help you?

Mentoring is delivered by David Head – a FileMaker developer and trainer, qualified teacher and FileMaker Certified. Most recently, he worked for FileMaker Inc., for seven years as Consulting Engineer in the Asia-Pacific region. So you get the best of both worlds – an experienced and knowledgeable FileMaker developer who can explain concepts so you can understand and learn. 

In his ‘spare’ time, David answers a wide range of questions on various FileMaker forums (free help for the lucky ones). David thrives on solving problems, and solving them in a way that is supported and allows for growth. There is nothing worse than your tech solution painting you into a corner.

How does it work?

Good question. You can sign up and pay for a mentoring starter session and we will give you a quick call you to discuss your needs. Once we understand where you are at and what you want to get done, we will set a convenient time to meet online and sort it out.

What is the value?

How much time have you spent trying to make something work? And then how much more time Googling for a solution and posting questions online? Even if it does finally work, are you sure it is the right way to do it?

The FileMaker mentor starter is $149 (ex GST). This gives you a preliminary call to discuss and then up to 30 minutes of mentoring online to get you going. That may be all you need. Additional FileMaker mentoring units (15 minutes) are pre-purchased for $59 (ex GST).

Fully guaranteed

The mentoring results we offer are fully guaranteed. That’s right – if you are not completely satisfied with the solutions we build together, we will refund 100% of your payment for the session. No questions asked (except to know how we could have done better).

What have you got to lose?

Where do I sign?

You can buy the FileMaker mentor starter here and we will contact you to get started.