FileMaker Training Delivered

uLearnIT delivers FileMaker training for all levels of FileMaker developers, We train absolute beginners through to certified developers. uLearnIT is a Claris Partner as both a Developer and a Trainer.

David Head designs and delivers your training. He is an experienced trainer, qualified teacher and FileMaker Certified Developer. David brings bring extensive real-world experience and knowledge of the best practices in FileMaker solution development. You will benefit from David’s classes as he is able to explain abstract concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

Online Training now available

uLearnIT offers FileMaker Topics – bite-sized webinars covering a wide range of FileMaker areas such as relationships, security, layout design, scripting, calculations and more. Check out all the details and schedule, and sign up online.

FileMaker Training now available 

uLearnIT has FileMaker classes scheduled for:

  • Get Started with FileMaker Pro
  • Building Effective FileMaker Solutions
  • FileMaker Scripting in Depth.

Check the course schedule or watch the overview videos below for more details.

Do you want FileMaker training somewhere else?

We currently offer FileMaker training in major centres where demand is highest. But we can travel anywhere there is demand. If you would like to attend FileMaker training closer to you, please complete our online survey. There is no obligation to enrol. We will schedule courses in locations where there is a good expression of interest. Complete our survey here.

Get Started with FileMaker Pro – 2 days

An introduction to FileMaker Pro and creating custom database solutions. It covers everything from creating a new solution, setting up data structure, customising the appearance, securing and deploying your file and more. The full course outline is available here.

Current schedule (book here)
Adelaide: TBA
Brisbane: TBA
Melbourne: TBA
Perth: TBA
Sydney: 25-26 March (confirmed
New Zealand: TBA

Building Effective FileMaker Solutions – 2 days

An intermediate course in FileMaker development. We briefly review FileMaker components and then dive into how they really work. The course covers development methods and habits, and a deep look at systems analysis and data structure for better outcomes. Over the two days, we cover many examples of calculations, scripting, security and user interface design. The full course outline is available here.

Current schedule (book here)
Brisbane: TBA
Melbourne:  TBA
Perth: TBA
Sydney: 17-18 April (open)
New Zealand: TBA

FileMaker Scripting in Depth – 2 days

An advanced course in FileMaker development. We will cover all aspects of script editing, management and use. The course covers scripting methods using various classes of script steps. Over the two days, we cover many examples of scripting that will be useful in your FileMaker development. The full course outline is available here.

Current schedule (book here)
Brisbane: TBA
Melbourne:  15-16 April (open)
Perth: TBA
Sydney: 11-12 April (confirmed)
New Zealand: TBA

Enquiries Welcome

To enquire about our classes, please send us a message through the Contact form. Let us know what level you would like and where you would like to attend.