The A-Z of FileMaker: M is for Merge

There are a number of methods to display data on a FileMaker layout, the most common being using field objects. Often it is more convenient and flexible to use merge items […]

Inside FileMaker 16 Seminars

With the release last week of the new FileMaker 16 platform, we are excited to announce a series of full day seminars in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Each new release brings some […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: L is for Loop

L is for Loop FileMaker scripting provides the features of any structured programming language. Conditional and looping structures are key features. Conditional structures like the If / End If in FileMaker scripting allow for […]

Building Effective FileMaker Solutions

uLearnIT is pleased to present an intermediate FileMaker training course – Building Effective FileMaker Solutions. This two day course provides a comprehensive look at FileMaker development for building robust multi-user and mobile solutions. We cover topics […]

Kia Ora New Zealand!

G’day to everyone in New Zealand. We bring great news – FileMaker courses are coming to you. We are starting on the North Island but there have been a couple of […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: K is for Key

K is for Key In a relational database like FileMaker Pro, key fields are used to establish relationships between tables. Depending on where you get your information, there are many types of keys. […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: J is for Join Table

J is for Join Table A join table is used to resolve a many to many relationship with a flexible structure for data storage. The FileMaker Platform works around a relational database. The […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: I is for If statement

I is for If Statements The word “if” indicates a condition and an action – in the event that the condition is met, the action will be performed. In real life, an […]