Training Courses – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand

We currently have courses scheduled in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and in New Zealand. Our training courses give you the fast track in FileMaker development. If you, or someone you work with or know, would like to become a better FileMaker developer, have a look at the course schedule now. Your First FileMaker Project This introductory …

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The A-Z of FileMaker: L is for Loop

L is for Loop FileMaker scripting provides the features of any structured programming language. Conditional and looping structures are key features. Conditional structures like the If / End If in FileMaker scripting allow for different subroutines to run on the evaluation of a condition. See our previous blog article on If statements. A loop is a series of instructions …

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Building Effective FileMaker Solutions

uLearnIT is pleased to present an intermediate FileMaker training course – Building Effective FileMaker Solutions. This two day course provides a comprehensive look at FileMaker development for building robust multi-user and mobile solutions. We cover topics like relational design, scripting, calculations and user interface. COURSE OUTLINE FileMaker Structure – schema, layouts, calculations and scripts Planning for Success – what to think …

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