Building Effective FileMaker Solutions is an intermediate course in FileMaker development. We briefly review FileMaker components and then dive into how they really work. The course covers development methods and habits, and a deep look at systems analysis and data structure for better outcomes. Over the two days, we cover many examples of calculations, scripting, security and user interface design. While the course will cover features of FileMaker 19, you may be using any recent version of FileMaker Pro.

AU$1190 ex GST (two full days – 8:30am-5:00pm)

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for people with some experience with FileMaker Pro and with creating databases. We will assume that you are confident in the basics of creating and using FileMaker databases. You will probably be working on a FileMaker project and will bring many questions about getting it working better.

What to bring

This course is BYOD – please bring along a laptop (Mac or Windows) with FileMaker Pro installed. No computers are provided.

If you do not have a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro, get a trial copy from the FileMaker web site. Note that the trial software lasts 45 days, so do not use it more than a week prior to the course (it cannot be reinstalled).

What we will provide

You will receive comprehensive class notes and exercises, along with high quality teaching and discussions. There will be power for your laptop and Internet access. 

Classes are fully catered with lunch included. Please advise if you have dietary requirements.

At the end of the course, you will be entitled to a half hour online mentoring session valued at $150. You can use this to follow up on the training content or to get answers about your current project.

Course outline

  • FileMaker Structure – schema, layouts, calculations and scripts
  • Planning for Success – what to think about, good developer habits
  • Relational Design – systems analysis, ERDs and the relationship graph
  • Calculations – storage and execution, top 20 functions, documenting
  • Scripting – running scripts, top 20 steps, variables and parameters
  • UI Design – process modelling, interface design, custom themes
  • Security – accounts, privilege sets, extended privileges, file access
  • Next Steps – where to from here

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