Experienced FileMaker developers have picked up a lot of tips and tricks for working efficiently and effectively with their FileMaker solutions. In this eBook, we detail some features and techniques that you should find useful for your own FileMaker development.

We would be surprised if you didn’t know any of these but likewise surprised if you knew them all.

Enjoy the read.

What people are saying about 17 Practical FileMaker Secrets

Thank you for the great collection of FileMaker tips.
I have been developing in FileMaker for over 20 years, but managed to find one new useful tip (the shift-Enter one). It doesn’t matter if you know the other 17, that one tip you learn can save you a lot over time!
It’s also a great learning resource for new team members and a refresher for everyone else. We sometimes forget things we knew and lose out as a result.

Dan R., Canada

As an inhouse Filemaker developer, a big part of my learning is finding inspiration & tips on the web. For that uLearnIT is great – just got some very useful tips to improve my daily work!

Matts A., Sweden

Learned something new.
Tips 11 and 18 (yes 18) are wonderful (and dangerous)

Julio T., USA

Thank you for sharing!
I like 1, 2, 5 and 11 a lot

barand, USA