The A-Z of FileMaker: T is for Trigger

A script trigger in a FileMaker solution is set to run a script when a specified event occurs. The first event for any file is when the file opens, or more […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: P is for Parameter

A parameter is text that is passed to a FileMaker script when it runs. The text is often used to make decisions during the script. Using a script parameter allows the […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: L is for Loop

L is for Loop FileMaker scripting provides the features of any structured programming language. Conditional and looping structures are key features. Conditional structures like the If / End If in FileMaker scripting allow for […]

The A-Z of FileMaker: I is for If statement

I is for If Statements The word “if” indicates a condition and an action – in the event that the condition is met, the action will be performed. In real life, an […]