FileMaker 17 – UUID number

FileMaker Pro 17 has a new function for generating universally unique identifiers – Get(UUIDNumber). Why would you use it? Read on. UUID A universally unique identifier (UUID) is designed to be […]

FileMaker 17 – grouped objects

Objects on a FileMaker layout can be grouped to make it easier to move them around and to maintain relative positions of components. Group and Ungroup To group a set of […]

FileMaker 17 – products and licensing

With the release of the FileMaker 17 Platform, FileMaker Inc., has taken the opportunity to simplify the licensing model and the products on offer. Products The FileMaker Platform consists of the following products: […]

FileMaker 17 – Layout mode

A major interface change for FileMaker Pro 17 is in Layout mode. You now have docked Inspector, Field Picker and Objects panels. v16 HUDs In previous versions of FileMaker Pro, these were […]

FileMaker 17 – variable inputs

Another great new feature in FileMaker Pro 17 is a new way to set variables – through a custom dialog. Show Custom Dialog This script step allows a script to interact […]

FileMaker 17 – attach more

With the release of FileMaker Pro 17, a long-time feature request has been delivered – the ability to attach multiple files to an email. Send Email The Send Mail script step is […]